Husova Street apartments

Stylish city centre living – available from November 2020 

This apartment block on Husova St. offers stylish city centre living in a historical building that has been sensitively modernized.

The low-rise block offers 23 well-designed modern apartments plus a courtyard with a children’s play area. It is situated in a quiet part of the city, easily accessible by car and public transport. There are several schools and medical facilities in the vicinity.

Although this completely renovated building is located in the heart of Ostrava’s city centre, the neighbourhood is quiet. The block has two separate entrances – one from Husova St. and the other from Veleslavínova St. There is a central stairwell with staircases and an elevator giving access to the apartments; each floor contains 2 or 3 apartments. The elevator gives access to the basement level. Access to the apartments is either from the central stairwell or from the adjacent corridor where the elevator is located.

The basement level contains storage units, a bike storage room and the utilities and technical infrastructure for the building. The first floor contains 5 apartments (3 x 2-room apartments and 2 x 3-room apartments, all with the kitchen incorporated into the main living area). Floors 2–4 contain 6 apartments each (5 x 2-room apartments and 1 x 3-room apartment, all with the kitchen incorporated into the main living area).

The advantage of this complex is its location in the heart of the city centre, giving access to a vibrant cultural life. Combined with the opportunities offered by the nearby park (Komenského Sady), this location meets the most demanding requirements for modern city centre living.

Institutions located nearby include the Economics Faculty of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, the Science Faculty of the University of Ostrava, two primary schools (Matiční St., Ostrčilova St.), a preschool (Ostrčilova St.), a health care diagnostic centre, Ostrava City Authority, numerous restaurants and shops, and other essential civic amenities.

Transport and access

The Husova St. apartments are an ideal location for living thanks to their excellent accessibility; it is easy to get anywhere at any time. Trolleybus and tram stops are just a short distance from the apartments.

Trolleybus stop “Husův sad”: 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, 112

Tram stop “Důl Jindřich”: 1, 2, 6, 8, 10, 11, 18

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Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments
Husova Street apartments

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Apartments/premises to rent:

Apartment code Floor Layout Size Availability Rent *
H.1.1 1.NP 2+kk 64.16 m2 Bid processing min. 6.416 Kč DETAIL
H.1.2 1.NP 2+kk 39.89 m2 Bid processing min. 3.989 Kč DETAIL
H.1.3 1.NP 2+kk 58.62 m2 Bid processing min. 5.862 Kč DETAIL
H.1.4 1.NP 3+kk 70.75 m2 Bid processing min. 7.075 Kč DETAIL
H.1.5 1.NP 3+kk 65.73 m2 Bid processing min. 6.573 Kč DETAIL
H.2.1 2.NP 2+kk 54.26 m2 Bid processing min. 5.426 Kč DETAIL
H.2.2 2.NP 2+kk 43.03 m2 Bid processing min. 4.303 Kč DETAIL
H.2.3 2.NP 3+kk 81.67 m2 Bid processing min. 8.167 Kč DETAIL
H.2.4 2.NP 2+kk 49.09 m2 Bid processing min. 4.909 Kč DETAIL
H.2.5 2.NP 2+kk 43.65 m2 Bid processing min. 4.365 Kč DETAIL
H.2.6 2.NP 2+kk 59.11 m2 Bid processing min. 5.911 Kč DETAIL
H.3.1 3.NP 2+kk 53.24 m2 Bid processing min. 5.324 Kč DETAIL
H.3.2 3.NP 2+kk 43.71 m2 Bid processing min. 4.371 Kč DETAIL
H.3.3 3.NP 3+kk 81.38 m2 Bid processing min. 8.138 Kč DETAIL
H.3.4 3.NP 2+kk 49.80 m2 Bid processing min. 4.980 Kč DETAIL
H.3.5 3.NP 2+kk 43.38 m2 Bid processing min. 4.338 Kč DETAIL
H.3.6 3.NP 2+kk 59.50 m2 Bid processing min. 5.950 Kč DETAIL
H.4.1 4.NP 2+kk 55.31 m2 Bid processing min. 5.531 Kč DETAIL
H.4.2 4.NP 2+kk 44.96 m2 Bid processing min. 4.496 Kč DETAIL
H.4.3 4.NP 3+kk 84.53 m2 Bid processing min. 8.453 Kč DETAIL
H.4.4 4.NP 2+kk 51.30 m2 Bid processing min. 5.130 Kč DETAIL
H.4.5 4.NP 2+kk 44.60 m2 Bid processing min. 4.460 Kč DETAIL
H.4.6 4.NP 2+kk 62.78 m2 Bid processing min. 6.278 Kč DETAIL

*Minimum rent price for the apartment. Interested parties submit a bid for the rent price they are willing to pay. The party that submits the highest bid is selected as the tenant (provided that they meet all the conditions for tenancy). For more information see Q/A